Taking Matters into my Own Hands

I started this blog to give a boost and shout out to my home town of Shepherd in central Michigan. I am a big fan. Then why do people plague me with questions about the water crisis in Flint. Do we have to bring up this old blot on the clean reputation of the state? In spite of remedying the problem, people still remember hard economic times when cost-cutting measures led to tainted drinking water in which lead and other toxins were found. It created a nation-wide scare about one’s local drinking water and the inherent risks to health. I never thought we would get past the irate press.

Let me jar your memory. Because of a lack of sufficient funds, the state mandated the building of a new water pipe system. The main water source for the town would be the Flint River, an obvious choice. But it wasn’t clean! Residents complained of an odd taste and foul smell in 2014. That was the tip off. Havoc ensued and a nationwide scandal. It made me wonder about my own area of Shepherd and the status of water policy. Can this sort of mislaid public policy occur here? Not waiting to find out, I immediately installed a home water filter system from https://www.homewaterhealth.com, hoping to head off an unforeseen consequence. People get sick when the water is unclean, and some seriously. Flint really hit home for me at the time. I am still thinking about it.

You depend on the EPA to inspect municipal water systems, and I guess they came too late in Flint. I hope they have been to Shepherd since then. Meanwhile, my filter seems to be working well. My water tastes good, looks clean and clear, and seems to be up to par. Sure, I can drink bottled water (but it eats away your grocery budget as you well know), but I like the idea that the city water is healthy nonetheless. I doesn’t matter if you boil it in cooking or use it in bathing, but I want to know that no chemicals are present in principle.

Since I believe in taking matters into my own hands, not only did I install the home water filter system, but I wrote a letter to the mayor with a copy to the utility company. I am waiting a reply so I can print both the letter and the answer in the local paper. I want everyone to know that our water is, and always has been, super safe. Meanwhile, the shout out today goes less to Shepherd than to the great water filter company that provided a quality product.