Isabella County is a county set in the State of Michigan with its county seat as the Mount Pleasant. Set off as a country in as early as 1831, it was government organized county in the year 1859 itself. Set in the central Michigan area, the Isabella County comprises of the Mount Pleasant, and the MI Micropolitan statistical area in the mid-Michigan. If you ever plan to visit the beautiful area of the Isabella country, here are some of the facts you must know about it.

History of its name

Set as a county in the year 1831, the Isabella county was earlier known as Ojibway Besse. Ojibway Besse, or rather, the area of Chippewa was then named as Isabella. The name Isabella came from the Queen Isabella I of Castile, who reigned as the queen of from 1474 till her death. This name of the country was based on a suggestion offered by a US Indian Agent and ethnologist, Henry Rowe Schoolcraft.

History of Indians in the County

Once, the Isabella County was one of the most beautiful areas for pine and hardwood in the Great Lakes region. Lying right in the heart of central Michigan, the county saw its first Coe township in as early as 1855. The county was a hunting ground during the winters for several Indians and therefore, came to be known as Ojibway Besse.

The county has seen Indians travel the area for as long as 10000 years. Apart from Indians, Europeans too visited the area quite often, but they haven’t been around posting their two centuries of travel.

Demographics of the county

The Isabella County currently has a population of 70574, with a median age of 27 and a median household income of $40706. The poverty rate in the county is 28.8% and doesn’t have much of a racial-ethnic as well. The county consists of over 91% white, close to 2% of Black and African Americans, about 3% Native American and rarely any Asians or Hispanics. The only foreign languages that are common in the county are German, Spanish, and Arabic. However, Isabella County does have a high number of Native North Americans.


A large number of students from the Isabella County as interested in education and get degrees from the various universities around it. The most commonly opted universities are Central Michigan University and Murphy Beauty College of Mount Pleasant. As per the year 2015, the universities have awarded a total of 6716 degrees. Since most of the students in the county are inclined towards arts, so are their careers.

Economy and Housing

The economy of Isabella County is largely based on arts, entertainment, recreation, and education services. The gender gap in the employment isn’t much, but the males do earn 1.4 percent higher than the females at common jobs. Due to the careers opted and the financial condition of the county as a whole, the property values are 0.62 percent smaller than the national average. However, there has been a good increase in the property value over the last few years; it could still take a while to reach the national average.