Founded in 1885, the village of Shepherd has a major history attached to it. Platted earlier as the Salt River village by Elijah Moore and George W, Miller, the village was later developed as Shepherd by Isaac N. Shepherd. The founding father of the town brought several businesses to it including a post office, rail Depot, school house, and more. The town has several historical buildings in it as well. If you ever take a trip to the sweet Maple Syrup festival of the town and want to take a trip down the history lane, here are the places that you must see.

Shepherd Village Power House Museum

Built between 1908 and 1909, the Shepherd Village Powerhouse museum remains one of its most popular historical structures. The village was developed to quite an extent by 1911, and powerhouse was one of its major developments. The powerhouse was the village’s very first electric point and water pumping station. It consisted of a 35 kW coal gas engine that made up for both the power points. The powerhouse operated in the village from 1909 to 1912. The electricity provided to the building was from the outside during the years 1913 and 1925, as Consumers Power has bought it.

The operations were ceased during then and later became a village council hall until the year 1957. The powerhouse has now been turned into a museum by the Shepherd Area Historical Society. It is looked after and managed by the same organization. However, one can only visit the museum if a special visit has been arranged or one visits the town during a weekend in the Maple Syrup Festival.

The Railroad Depot Museum

The Shepherd Railroad Depot was constructed in the 1890s and served the area until the early 1960s. The depot was a part of the Ann Arbor Rail, and the depot had the same name as the village. The work of the railroad depot stopped when the depot couldn’t deal with the cost of the shipping. The trucking industry had taken over by the 1960s, and the passenger travel had reduced as well. The Railroad Depot too, was turned into a museum by the Shepherd Area Historical Society and has been preserved in its truest of forms. One can visit it during the maple syrup festival or on special request.

The Little Red Schoolhouse Museum

The Little Red Schoolhouse was built over a famed structure of the school in the Salt River area of the Shepherd village in the year 1911. The school was a one-room structure where students learned several skills and studied different subjects. Just like the powerhouse and the railroad depot, the schoolhouse also has been turned into a museum. Taken over by the Shepherd Area Historical Society, the schoolhouse is open during the maple syrup festival of the village. The organization also encourages people to help them take care of these building and preserve the old structures as much as possible.