What can I tell you about my wonderful home town of Shepherd Michigan? It isn’t very large at 2,000 people, all who treat one another like relatives. It is that friendly. That’s why I love where I live, so much so that I want to share how amazing it is with others. Hence this blog. How many of you feel this way about your area? Are you loathe to leave home and explore living in other parts of the country, if not the world? Not me. I am staying put.

Shepherd is a veritable village with the most amazing welcoming vibe. It is smack dab in the middle of the lower part of the state in Isabella County. It doesn’t seem to be close to any major city, perhaps a good drive to Lansing, no urban metropolis. Thus, it is a quiet country life, and that suits be to a tee. It is warm in the summer and quite cold in the water, as with the rest of Michigan. It is therefore a microcosm of the great lakes state. We are between Lakes Michigan on the east and Huron on the west. How great is that for water and boating lovers.

As for the rest of it, life goes on in its usual pleasant way. I can say this right now that it is spring and some of the worst days of winter are behind us. We had a rough time for a while there, and I thought my pipes would freeze for sure. It’s a good thing I know what to do in advance to avoid a catastrophe. You know the consequence of bursting pipes. Yes, an icy flood and a dreadful cleanup. On the other side of the coin, there is the matter of keeping your tankless hot water heater operating all year round so we can enjoy those miraculous hot showers after a day out in the cold. If you haven’t experienced one yet, they’re a must – you can read all about them here: https://www.waterheaterwatch.com/best-tankless-water-heater-reviews/. Just because it is February or March doesn’t mean you must stay indoors.

So my cold weather tip for winter, tested and proven in Michigan, are to have plumber’s number by your kitchen phone. Seriously, I do have some pointers for fellow Michiganders (or Michiganians if you like). Keep water flowing in your pipes by first addressing the functioning of the water heater. The two go hand in hand. Plus, you must leave a faucet or two open with a small drip. In a different direction, pipes age and erode and this goes for those connected to the water heater. Have everything inspected every other year unless you have done a big renovation. Clogged pipes are no bargain either and can cause water pressure to build up, thus bursting pipes.

I can’t cover it all here. I can only say that those of us who live in winter climates have to take note of potential problems that come with each season. In Michigan, we have all four so we have a gamut of issues to address.